• Hi, I'm Tim O'Shea

    I’m a digital entrepreneur with a keen interest in growth marketing.

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    I started solo in my bedroom/office back before home working was a thing. I've built a few technology businesses, such as a Q&A social network called Blurtit, a top 100 traffic website at 16 million visitors per month in the day. However, I've never taken outside funding unless you count your credit card, so I had to learn lean ways to generate traction.


    With the profits from Blurtit, I invested in traditional and startup companies and bought two SAAS businesses to scale and invested in and helped early-stage technology and crypto projects. I also started a financial lead generation business which delivered 1000s of finance leads per month to clients from social media ads.


    Now I'm the Founder of Sapling, a market-led solution to alleviate poverty by community lending using Ethereum.


    I believe you can create the life your want while creating value for the world. Plus, work and life should be balanced, and your career can be as rewarding as you choose to make it.


    Reach me on Twitter, Tik Tok & Linkedin. Read my writing on Substack.