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United States Government Annual Report produced by Steve Balmer. Link

What sets successful CEOs apart from the rest? Learn the four behaviours of an exceptional CEO — they’re probably not what you think. Link

Learn why it’s nice to compete against a large, profitable company. Link


Watch a rare interview with Warren Buffett and his two investment managers, Todd Combs and Ted Weschler. Link

Why some digital companies should resist profitability for as long as they can. Link


Discover the most important think you need to know about marketing, with Bill Macaitis (ex Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce) Link

Price Intelligently — get a free eBook on developing your SaaS pricing strategy here: Link

Take a 1% improvement versus a 1% decline. 365 days later, the contrasting result is staggering.


Join 1500 Founders, VCs and Execs in Dublin for SaaStock 2017, the conference to learn how to build a category leading B2B SaaS business. Get your discounted tickets here: Link

Read the key findings from Mary Meeker’s internet trends report. The section on mobile ad revenue is particularly interesting: mobile doesn’t have its fair market share of ad spend yet, as compared to time spent (see the slides below) and that has started to change. It looks like the bulk of that ad spend will go to Facebook, Google, and Snap who are cracking mobile ad formats. Link


Warren Buffett: “I did mention one thing at the meeting which I don’t think people appreciated at all: today’s great businesses don’t require capital.” See the full interview here. Link

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