Having negotiated this path myself as a client over a decade ago, I see the value of working with clients I can talk to.

Are you willing to invest in a working relationship that will be mutually beneficial, and hopefully enjoyable over the next year, but also over the decades ahead?

Can you look to invest a significant sum, and be willing to grow your investments over time after seeing potential areas for growth and success?

In any partner relationship there will be times of discussion and debate, and we should be both willing and open to discuss this to find solutions. We should expect to have these conversations as part of building a great long-term relationship.

I will research companies and opportunities in the marketplace in detail, and then bring these potentials to you to discuss for investment. I won’t rush, or hurry, or press you to trade to buy and sell without time for thought and debate of the risk.

Demystifying the market

I am keen to demystify Mr Market for you, and explain the long term value investing approaches I take. Many of my clients come from a similar owner-manager background, and appreciate my insight and experience both in the business environment, and in fund management and share research.

My businesses’ successes have enabled me to invest my own resources. I now manage discretionary funds for private investors through Credo Capital Plc.

As an FCA registered person, I can:

• Invest your money by managing the risk with a long-term view
• Research the best opportunities in the stock market to preserve and grow your investments
• Align with your interests by only investing in opportunities I personally invest in too
• Ensure my fees are based on performance only

I also have an audited personal market beating track record.

About Credo

Credo is an independent international wealth management business driven by similar principles to my own. The business focusses on capital protection and long-term success, using a low-risk strategy view that is a limited number of key trades (and therefore lower fees). Credo acts as administrator for all client assets on my behalf, and is a vital part of the due diligence and care that we provide together in partnership for our clients.

Think I can deal with the specifics to your company, trust or personal circumstances? Is the type of portfolio I run suitable for you? Do you think I am ready to invest in this style? If you are interested in working with me to preserve and grow your investments, please do get in touch.

Tim O'Shea
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Tim O'Shea

Fund Manager with 15 years' experience as a successful business owner-manager. Passionate about helping people benefit from the power of long-term investing.
Tim O'Shea
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