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A unique, research-driven approach to delivering capital preservation and growth.


Your portfolio of investments is highly researched to give good growth prospects while remembering the golden rule of protecting your capital. I prefer to buy fewer investments, rather than invest in more than I can keep track of. This tailored personal service in highly researched investments means you can achieve good growth without spending too much time worrying what to invest in.


I believe that successful long-term relationships are built on aligning interests. This is reflected in a management fee based only on performance, and also the fact that I only invest clients into investments I personally own too.


I work with sophisticated investors who are typically self-made business people looking to protect and grow their hard-earned capital. Many of my clients come from a similar owner-manager background, or family offices, and appreciate my insight and experience in both investing and the business environment. The following account types are possible: Company (UK plus some other countries), Personal, ISA, Pensions (SIPP, SASS), and Trusts.


By taking the long-term view, investors are at an advantage because we can use the stock-market dynamics and distractions to our benefit. With research we can spot the commercial potential of a business to grow to its real value, and we are not just dependent on a quick buy-and-sell culture. By holding stocks for longer, we also reduce the number of trades required. For that reason I prefer to work with investors who have a 3-10 year investment timescale and beyond. Your money is not locked in, but you should plan to be patient, and think long term.


I work through a consultancy agreement with Credo Capital plc. This allows me to focus on investment research and client relationships, whilst Credo cares for all of the administration, regulation and systems required. So as the client your contract is with Credo, but I am responsible for working with you and managing all your investment decisions. Credo works with Pershing, one of the finest custodians in the world, to ensure your assets are secure.


Ideally you will invest a minimum of £250,000 or have the capacity to reach that level once you are comfortable with our working process and the partnership we establish.




Most of the investors with the best long-term investing track records have Value Investing at the core of their strategy. When I began investing I researched who had consistently outperformed the norm over the decades. These “outperformers” had one thing in common: they all researched in detail the investment underneath the share, and used Value Investing principles to analyse it.  Therefore my philosophy is built on the success of many other investors, including Warren Buffett, Seth Klarman, and Peter Lynch.


I aim to research and invest in exceptional companies that can compound a high return rate. I buy the shares at bargain prices — when based on the fundamental valuation of net asset values and discounted cash flows — and I try to limit the negative impact of my mistakes by requiring a “margin of safety” in every investment. Sometimes this is provided by competitive edge, and at other times by a very strong asset base. I prefer businesses that generate significant cash flow for their owners, rather than businesses that consume such cash flow for ongoing operations.


Trying to work out what a stock price will do in the short term is a hard game to play. Temporary shocks, hype and unrelated news can affect the price of the shares. Most money managers play the short-term game to meet client expectations for quick returns. Not many investors choose to play the long-term game, even though in many ways it is much easier, not least due to the need for fewer trades. With research, we can make a really good estimate of what the future looks like in certain industries and businesses, and as long-term investors, the “if” is more important than the “when”.

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